A piano seen with the heart

Livia Frona. Her music teacher calls her a genius, at her 13 years old, Livia has in her portfolio countless trophees and national awards from different music competitions. Her best friend is the piano which Livia has no words to describe, because she was born blind. She considers herself being a normal child, but the emotion you can feel when she is playing something is beyond normality. Like her decision to live joyful seems to come from another world where one can feel more than see or speak.

Livia was born prematurely, her mother remembers she was under six months when she was brought to the world. Since her retina hasn’t had enough time to develop, Livia was born without sight. Her parents asked the help of many specialists, inside and outside the country, in Italy, but all of them considered that Livia has no chance to see.

When she was almost 5 years old, her mother had a dream, this voice was telling her that Livia should play the piano. Taking it as a divine inspiration, her mother took Livia at a piano club in Roman, since it was near the village they lived in. Livia was holding her first trophee only after six months. It was a proof of the talent she was gifted with, especially that no one in her family wasn’t passionate about music. “For me the piano means great joy, and I don’t find it difficult at all to sing. I just need to rehearse, and if I rehearse a lot, nothing is difficult anymore. Music is passion for me so all I do I do it with pleasure”, Livia says.

Livia Frona 2Learning at the “Moldova” Special High School in Târgu Frumos, Livia managed to mix her study with the piano classes, rehearsing six hours every weekend. One of her favourites composers is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and two year ago she had the chance to visit his memorial house in Salzburg. The journey in Austria was a gift for her and her family, and it was offered to her during a TV show.

We were there for three days, Livia was the most excited because she finally got to Mozart’s house and she was able to touch his piano and other things that belonged to him. I think that this trip will remain for a long time in her memory as a special one”, Livia’s mother, Angela Frona, says.

Livia Frona 3Like the Austrian composer when he was a child, Livia’s auditory memory overpasses the one of an adult. Livia can memorize rapidly difficult passages, playing them as if it is the simplest thing on Earth. Like she did with Frederic Chopin’s Nocturna.

Livia is also passionate about reading, especially Science Fiction, and she does is it in Braille or she listens to audio books. “I have more favourites, if I were to tell you some, I would recall Les Miserables, Hunger Games, Of Mice and Men, The Invisible Man. I like them because they have adventure, a lot of action, I don’t like simple books, they are something else. I could say music is also an adventure, when I get a new sheet music and I have to discover it. If I really like it, I never get bored”, Livia says. The way she plays the compositions seems to be just another way for creating a world of her one, one in which eyes have the shape of a heart.

Livia Frona 4Her dream now is to study at the Music Conservatory. Since in Romania are no music sheets in Braille, her parents did all they could to get her ones from Italy. “After we left from Roman we found a teacher at the ‘Octav Băncilă’ High School who is pleased to teach Livia twice a week. With the help of some people, we have received this music sheets, we have translated them in black for the teacher, so she could also understand the Braille alphabet, and while she was reading, Livia was following her on the music sheets in Braille, in Italian, because there was no other way”, Livia’s mother says.

This way, Livia managed to play the songs, proving that everything is possible when you love. And this is also her message for the other children whom have only met the piano or they will soon do.

And Livia fully does it, because she is a joyful child with a big smile, and contrary her delicate look, her determination passes over every barrier. The darkness she steps in makes hear dears one sad, but Livia’s teacher believes that sometimes the lessons are given on the other side of the cathedra. During a class, Livia told her that people wouldn’t be so sad, If they would have faith.

She believes that the world can be a better place and, if it were in here power to change something, she would like people from everywhere to get to know peace. The same one she feels when she touches the piano keyboard and there is no place left for the noise, once the wonder of sounds is on.


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